Saturday, 18 of January of 2020

Afro modern

Today I went to the Dak’ Art press conference. In typical Senegalese style the venue changed with no announcement yet everyone seemed to find it. The place was packed. The three curators, Elise Atangana, Abdelkader Damani and Smooth Ugochukwu-C. Nzewi presented their vision and fielded questions. They made the decision to only present artists that had never been shown at the biennale. Amongst the chosen are some big stars like Wangechi Mutu . I can’t wait to meet her at her talk tomorrow.
The focus of this year is producing the commons, which they poetically referred to as the thread that binds humanity. Through this program, they want to extend the idea do modernity, which they point out is not singular. I look forward to the official opening tomorrow to see how they express their ideas in the exhibitions!

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