Saturday, 18 of January of 2020

Critical Dialogues : institutional invitations and omissions

Last week I participated in Critical Dialogues, a conference organized by Ontario Arts Council in collaboration with Ontario Association of Art Galleries. It found myself in the company of myriad representatives from artist run centres, public galleries, museums, independent curators and artists. As artists and curators from communities of colour and from Aboriginal origins were all there to critique, draw attention to, and explain how we navigate and negotiate the complexity of codes we encounter as Andrea Fatona puts it.

The keynote was given by Dr David Dibosa, (pictured above) an imminent UK based curator who gave voice to the our concerns and spoke about his work as an investigator of spatial practices and politics of representation at the Tate Modern. David states when institutions  eventually invite those whom they once refused into their halls of honour, there is a tendency for the institutions to want to forget the past. He reminds us that “those institutions will forget but we must not forget”

Although I curate as well as create art I spoke about my artistic practice and my new work investigating place, in particular, the absence of Blackness in conceptions of the Canadian landscape.

Leah Snyder from Mixed Bag provides a most excellent summary. Here’s a link to her blog

CRITICAL DIALOGUES: The OAC & OAAG Create a Space for Discourse on Cross-Cultural Perspectives in Curating

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