Saturday, 18 of January of 2020

The Race Card

Outerregion is committed to sharing work of other afrofuturists and artists that disrupt the expected and engage the public in unusual ways, which is also what we strive to do.

Today’s post features an innovate project, Race Card, developed by African-American journalist and author, Michele Norris. In looking for a visual to put with the post, I was shocked and horrified to find hundreds of pictures of other depictions of ‘race cards’. Three of the most shocking are above. Clearly, this term conjures up thoughts of Black people who have been given free passes to offend, antagonize, unjustly accuse others of racism, pretend to be victims, and get whatever job we want – even the presidency of the United States!
I digress – back to Michele’s work. Michele Norris, in her public speaking work, used a technique to start conversations on race where she gave participants cards and asked them to write exactly 6 words to sum up their thoughts about race. She thought that a few responses would trickle back to her via email or snail mail, but instead dozens of people have emailed her from all over the world with their responses. She’s posted many of the responses on her website.

The 6-word responses run the gamut from humorous to sarcastic to brutally honest to touching and tender.
Check out Michele’s site, and write your own 6 words:

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